DitchWitch® AT40 – All Terrain Horizontal Directional Drill

The DitchWitch AT40 has been optimised for industry-leading performance and productivity when drilling in hard rock conditions, the AT40 has next-generation features so the CDS team can complete those hard rock jobs more efficiently and with greater precision.

The AT40’s All Terrain technology enables enhanced rock drilling at a low fluid level, decreasing overall jobsite waste, minimising clean-up and reducing environmental impact. The inner pipe works as a mechanical motor, driving the bit during the bore, and the outer pipe thrusts the bit forward while steering the drill shaft. During backreaming the outer pipe transmits full machine torque downhole.


Operating Weight9,800 kgMax Pullback Force178 kN (40,000 lb)
Dimensions (L x W x H)7.5 x 2.74 x 2.90mMax Thrust Force178 kN (40,000 lb)
Entry Drill Angle20 – 29°Max Torque7,400 Nm
Minimum drill string bend radius52mMax Flow Rate454 L/min