Drilling Horizontal & Vertical Curved Alignments

Both horizontal and vertical curved alignments are becoming increasingly common in the construction industry due to the increasing number of services and often already crowded cityscapes. All of CDS’ directional drills are capable of installing these curved alignments. These alignments are tracked either using CDS’s Walkover location guidance system or Paratrack guidance system for the more advanced drill shots. The advancements of this location technology means we can accurately steer drill shots  in any situation.

Horizontal alignments can enable longer single drill shots around corners, or obstacles. Vertical curves are most common when drilling high grade drill shots such as outfalls or Siphon shots under rivers or estuaries. These curves at the downstream end of the drill shot flattens out the grade which reduces the velocity of the liquid and also provides a flatter dispersal angle which prevents erosion.

Technology advancements mean CDS can provide accurate surveys and as-builts for all drill shots.