CDS has one of the most experienced directional drilling teams in New Zealand. Founded by Graham and Lyn Clough in 1985, CDS is now owned by Graham and Lyn and two of their sons, Daniel and Anthony. In addition, they have many long standing senior managers who together with the directors oversee the operational and support team.

Fundamental to the development of CDS’s horizontal directional drilling (HDD) skills has been a program of international-based people and process development. CDS has secondary key drilling technicians from Canada, Australia and America who assist with our HDD projects in New Zealand. This has been coupled with the training of CDS personnel in drilling and drilling fluids engineering at drilling schools in the USA and South East Asia.

CDS operates with dedicated drilling teams and civil crews. The drill team consist of a Site Manager, a Leading hand, mud technicians and between 2 – 6 support staff. The Civil Crews consist of a Site Manager, a leading hand and between 2 – 4 staff.

Below are some key members of our team.


Graham Clough

Graham founded CDS and remains available to the team for consultation on projects. He has been instrumental in CDS’s development over the past 25 years, overseeing the introduction of new machinery, methodologies and pipeline solutions.

Lyn Clough

Lyn oversees the company’s commercial and financial management, with the support of the office staff. She has seen CDS grow from it’s small beginnings to what it is today and now operates in a director level role.

Daniel Clough

Daniel is a shareholder and director, and is the Senior Drill Manager at CDS. His directional drilling spans 25 years and includes drilling large diameter underground services. Daniel researched reclaiming systems in the USA and Australia and led the design, fabrication and commissioning of CDS’s drilling fluids preparation and recycling systems.

Anthony Clough

Anthony is a shareholder and director of CDS, and is CDS’s Sales and Tendering Manager. He has over 25 years’ experience in directional drilling and is regularly involved in the formation of methodologies alongside our clients and design engineers.

Engineers and Senior Managers:

Marc Carmody

Marc Carmody is a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand & APEC Engineer. Marc joined CDS in 2014 as an Operations Engineer and Project Manager. Marc has over 12 years of experience in a broad range of infrastructure projects both as a contract and consultant engineer. Since joining CDS Marc has been involved in the management of stormwater, sewer and water projects for Local Councils including Auckland Council, Watercare, Hamilton City Council as well as the private sector.

Jack Dohnt

Jack is a member of Engineering New Zealand and is the newest addition to the CDS team, having joined in early 2020. Jack has 7 years’ experience in the construction industry and has managed stormwater and wastewater projects for clients including Auckland Council, Watercare, and the private sector.

Shawn Nicolson

Shawn is a Senior Site Manager at CDS, with over 20 years of experience in the installation of a wide range of underground services including storm water, wastewater, water, telecommunications, electricity and gas pipe lines. Shawn is proficient using both directional drilling and open trench methods. Shawn has been consistently involved in the formation of methodologies for large scale, complex projects which rely on accuracy and innovation for the success of the project.

Other senior staff

Jeff Kem

Jeff is a Civil Team Leader, starting at CDS in early 2017. Jeff has been working in the civil construction industry for a number of years installing civil infrastructure. Since joining CDS he has proven himself running both stormwater and wastewater projects installing structures such as manholes, catchpits, outfalls, open trenching and locating services.

Matt Sellers

Matt joined CDS in 2014 and has been the head mechanic since 2015. Matt has a NCEA qualification in heavy Diesel and Road Transport. Matt is a key part in keeping the drill rigs and mobile plant operating safely and efficiently onsite.