CDS were contracted to install a single length 115m of 350mmØ gravity sewer to a grade of 0.3%. A technician from Highside Drilling Services® used a Paratrack location guidance system to achieve the required tight grade at depths reaching 25 m.

Due to the entry location for this drill shot, CDS were required construct a platform in the Bay in which the Drill and ancillary equipment could be established. CDS applied customized drilling fluid programs to the sandstones encountered with support from drill fluids specialist, Mi-SWACO.

Working in an ecologically sensitive area, on the foreshore and in the intertidal zone, CDS developed an innovative methodology with pipe entry and exit (at cliff base) and with fluid circulation and recycling isolated from the marine environment. The pipestring was require to be welded on land and floated into position using a raft.

For this project CDS was awarded the New Zealand Contractors’ Federation Environmental Award, Category 2, 2013

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