CDS completed the HDD installations for the Redhills project for Pipeline & Civil and their client Watercare Services Limited. The Redhills project involved approximately 300m of 450mm diameter, 1km of 400mm diameter, 210m of 710mm diameter, 560m of 355mm diameter and two stream crossings of 630mm diameter and 560mm diameter polyethylene (PE) pipe.


Highlights of the job included;

  • 210m single drill shot of 710mm diameter PE pipe, installed at a grade of 0.5%. The pilot shot was completed with Highside Drilling who utilised Paratrack software to steer the drill shot to grade.
  • Drilling up Northside drive in a series of drill shots passing under major SW culverts and other services.
  • Self-performing installation of 560m of 355mm diameter pipe and 6 wastewater manholes, with depths from 4m to 5.8m deep.
  • 630mm diameter stream crossing at 1% grade but with only 500mm cover underneath a small waterway.
  • 560mm diameter stream crossing at 0.6% grade where it was critical CDS hit the target grade as the downstream section of pipe had been installed.


CDS delivered our works safely, on time and to budget and also assisted Pipeline & Civil with hydroexcavation services to locate services along our drill alignment.